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Rencontre avec le Pakistan, au delà des clichés

Rencontre avec le Pakistan, grâce à notre correspondant Forcaan Alyy qui a bien voulu répondre à nos questions. Il est élève dans l’équivalent de notre classe de Terminale au Pakistan et porte un grand intérêt pour la langue française. A 17 ans, il a bien voulu me livrer son propre point de vue sur son pays.

– What is life like in Pakistan?

–  That is a very hard to answer, the way people live varies with geography and income levels. In Karachi, the people with money live comfortable lives and then there are children on the streets who have to beg for their meals. In Hunza, there is not a huge gap between the rich and the poor at the moment, so the way of life is quite similar. But you have to understand that Pakistan is a very diverse country and everyday life is influenced by our individual cultures. Pakistan is a young nation, and it has a lot to learn and one day we will, for despite our differences the love that the people have for this federation is far more than our individual identities.

– So you think that Pakistan has a national identity.

–  It does have a national identity, as I said before, Pakistan is diverse but it is united as well, we do have a lot to learn, yes, and we will learn that one day.

We often say that Pakistan has an ambiguous position about terrorism, there is certainly a strong alliance with the USA but some facts are not fully explained. What do you think ?

– I think that is mostly propaganda, Pakistan has done more than any other country to rid itself from terrorism and has faced the brunt of the retaliation by these terrorists. The tragedy at Peshawar is but one of many consequences Pakistan had to face because of its stance against terrorist. Over 40,000 of pakistani soldiers were martyred in the war against terrorism and we are currently in midst another war with the filth which has taken many lives of the Pakistani army men. At this point I don’t even want to mention the financial toll that this endeavour has cost us and is continueing to do so. To say Pakistan is ambigious when it comes to its commitment to fighting terrorism is not only offensive but criminal.

What future do you wish for your country?

I don’t wish anything for my country, we wish for things that we can’t do. I know it is within the power of the Pakistani people to make this country truly great, the key is to work hard, work till your body can’t take it any more and then work a little more for I know my countrymen despite our many flaws, want this nation to rise beyond expectations.

– Thank you for these interesting answers.

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