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Interview sur le concert de Fall Out Boy à Dublin


En ce moment, le groupe américain de punk rock Fall Out Boy est en train de voyager à travers le monde; ils font un tour pour promouvoir leur album le plus recent « American Beauty/American Psycho ». Ils ont joué au 3Arena à Dublin le 1er octobre dernier, la première partie du concert étant assurée par le rapper Professor Green. J’ai eu la possibilité de mener une interview à propos du concert avec Derek Egan, que je vous propose de lire. L’interview s’est faite à l’écrit et elle est en Anglais.

Sur la photo ci-dessous nous voyons les quatre membres du groupe: bassiste Pete Wentz, guitarist et chanteur principal Patrick Stump, guitarist Joe Trohman, et batteur Andy Hurley (de gauche à droite).

source: afisha.yandex.ru

Voici l’interview:

1)Did Professor Green put on a good show in your opinion? Was the crowd enthusiastic during his set? Did they really join in or did it feel more like most of the people present were there mainly for Fall Out Boy?

Professor Green put on a surprisingly good show. Despite most wondering why a rapper was supporting a punk-rock band like Fall Out Boy, Professor Green got the crowd jumping  and singing along, especially for his most renowned song “Read All About It”.

2)How did Fall Out Boy come on stage? Were you kept waiting for them? Were there any effects (for example in lighting or decoration)?

Fall Out Boy start their show with a minute long introduction video mostly in black and white that gives short references to the band members and to music videos whilst a narrator seems to be having a philosophical thought about taking a moment of silence. The video was played on a long thin screen that at first hides the stage but that eventually lifts upwards to reveal the band everyone was waiting for. No special effects took place during the entrance of the band, however pyrotechnics such as fireworks and flames during “Light em up” and giant balloons were present during the rest of the show.

3)What was the first song they played? What effect did it have on the crowd?

The first song Fall Out Boy played was “Sugar, we’re going down”. This reminded the crowd of the old Fall Out Boys days and reassured the crowd that this was not going to be a show focused on the new stuff.

4) What was the atmosphere like?

The atmosphere was amazing. It was both a sense of discovery of the band and also a flashback for many older fans of their childhood.

5) What feeling did the band give (for example in terms of their energy or even their attitude)? Did the band interact with the crowd?

Despite the show itself being fantastic and the music and vocals being perfect, the band themselves seemed awkward. There was little amount of interaction with the crowd, and even the times they did talk to the crowd it felt weird as if they did not know what to say. I cannot say what was wrong, but the feeling the band gave out was a lot more uncomfortable compared to other shows I have seen.

6)From what you knew of the band already, did the concert meet any expectations you may have had?

The band did not beat any expectation I had of them nor were they disappointing, they were exactly what I thought they would be. The band has always had an awkward side to them.

7)Was there any part of the show that was your favourite?

A really nice part of the show was an acoustic version of “Immortals” that they performed on a smaller stage in the middle of the crowd. This was also followed by a drum solo as Andy Hurley remained alone with his instrument on top of his small pyramid shaped throne. He even played the drums over a recording of the Game Of Thrones song.


Je remercie Derek d’avoir bien voulu faire cette interview.


Iona R.

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